71 %

Revenue Growth 2021-22

Haltian - Tailormade IoT Solutions

Haltian is a leading Finnish expert in connected product design and development. They deliver world-class connected custom devices as well as the end-to-end IoT solutions and services required to get them built and keep them running. For more info on their global success stories please visit haltian.com 

The Challenges & Goals

Like any scaling international IT-company, Haltian needed to create an ever more efficient and aligned customer facing processes to compete in the global market space. A robust and clearly effective growth strategy also required the right technology to manage performance and enable efficiency without compromising customer experience.

Haltian's first steps with HubSpot and Hubit focused on the marketing side. In 2021, Haltian sales management decided to switch from Zoho to HubSpot CRM and contacted Hubit.

The Goals?
  • Help redesign and implement a practical, agile sales process 
  • Align marketing with sales for consistent customer experience
  • Grow sales with improved efficiency and effectiveness
“We were not only looking for a HubSpot  expert, but also a sales expert that could help us create our sales playbook. Hubit provided best practice insights and also supported us with rollout.”

Janne Kilpeläinen, Vice President Sales and Marketing (Haltian)

Hubit's Services

For sales, switching to HubSpot required an array of services. The method of working was primarily online with workshops. Hubit's team consisted of certified HubSpot consultants and developers. 

Onboarding & Consultation

Hubit onboarded sales and helped redesign critical sales processes and rollout a unified way of working

HubSpot CRM Implementation

Platform customisation followed the roadmap and included custom reporting and sales enablement. 

HubSpot ERP Integration

We produced a bespoke API-integration between HubSpot CRM and Netsuite ERP to complement the native app. 

What Were the Results?

Haltian was able to rollout the new, customised HubSpot CRM to sales within the given project timeframe. Sales performance grew year-on-year with an increase of 71%.

Hubit's bespoke integration with Netsuite ERP enabled a new level of efficiency. Obviously, one of the major reasons Haltian succeeded - was Haltian! They committed themselves to the project, and their professional attitude and clear sense of strategy paved the way for the continuing growth they see today.

Ready to get started?

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