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We make Nordic business smarter and deliver profitable growth. 

Hubit is the digital business agency that delivers a rare combination of real-world business acumen with top-notch HubSpot competencies and experienced, fun-to-work-with consultants. 

In May 2024, the digital sales and marketing business of Roger Studio was integrated with Hubit to create a 4X larger entity. 

Master the HubSpot CRM Platform and unlock smarter ways to grow with us  - we're ready to start our shared journey with You.

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Our Customer References Include


B2B Services and Third Sector

B2B Services and Third Sector

We work with some of the leading names in B2B Services and the Third Sector. Leveraging the power of CRM,  Martech and Website technologies, our proven approach helps customers scale, and deliver more with less. See reference cases from Hubit and Roger Studio for: Haltian, Helsinki Partners, Green Carbon, Medaffcon, Mediateko and Sociala.

Car Retailing & Aftersales

Car Retailing & Aftersales

Now, with Roger Studio's team on board, the new Hubit has extensive experience in planning, developing and operating marketing technology solutions for car retailing and after-sales. You can read Autokeskus' and Hedin Automotive's success stories in Finnish at Roger Studio's website.


Consumer investment Products

Consumer Investment Products

Selling consumer investment products means long sales cycles, complex sales and decision making processes, and usually requires the involvement of a sales person. We leverage business technologies with companies selling consumer investment products. Check out our consumer business technology references on our soon-to be relaunched website: Polarhouse, Ekorakenne and Verkkokauppa.

Customer case: RUKA

Digitally Managed Customer Experience for Competitive Advantage

"Thanks to a new platform, we can now access customer data from one single source of truth. This enables us to provide personalised communications through our customers’ entire lifecycle and add value with more relevant, contextual content."

Case Ruka (in Finnish)



Consulting & Planning
HubSpot Platform Services
Migrations & Integrations
Technologies & Licenses
Continuous Services

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Business Transformation

Mobilise your entire organisation in a new way of working to deliver and sustain improvements in performance and organisational effectiveness. Act now  to remain competitive, improve performance and respond to evolving market dynamics.


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Strategic Data Management

Harness the power of customer data with our data management services. Make the most of the data you have: ensure its quality, accessibility, and usability across your organisation. Implement data processes that help you to improve and develop.


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Ecosystem Planning

Plan your ecosystem's structure, including technology platforms, data flows, communication channels, and business processes to compete smarter. Disparate data, unconnected software, misaligned teams and separate goals - fix these critical issues to win.


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Content & SEO Strategy

Segment your market, target and personalise - execute actions that match your customers' journey phase with our Content Strategy and Inbound Methodology services. Create relevant content, add value and gain better visibility for your business in Google with Search Engine Optimisation.


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Smarter Business Plans

Cut costs, reduce friction, align customer facing teams and play to win in a transformed business environment. Sculpt campaigns, streamline processes, and harness the potential of new technologies,  utilise advanced tools and expert resources to elevate your business operations.


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HubSpot Platform Overview

Unlock and master HubSpot. It's an extensive platform: Get an understand ing of how it can best support your goals, what areas need to be prioritised and - potentially - which challenges and  issues may need your attention. With our help you will choose the right license and see ROI faster.


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HubSpot CRM Onboarding

Whether on Starter or Enterprise, learn to understand how to use HubSpot on a daily basis with our accredited onboarding programs. Benefit from experienced trainers who understand the nuances of your function, and quickly pick up on best practices to save time and stay inspired. 

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HubSpot CRM Implementation

Customise the HubSpot platform to serve your strategy and way of working, not vice versa. Map and redefine your processes, KPI's,  and data needs. Make sure users see only what is relevant and document a roadmap for future use. Benefit from Playbooks to ensure successful change management,


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HubSpot CMS Websites

Forget stand-alone websites and engage customers with a modern, intelligent and AI-driven web interface. Combine contextual content with lead generation and real-time access to sales and services. React to visitors and gather CRM data for attribution reporting.


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HubSpot Customer Portals and Knowledge Bases

Help your customers to interact with your business, raise tickets and receive prompt responses. Give them immediate access ti relevant information, and enable various self-service tasks as your customer experience guide outlines.

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Connect different systems and applications to function as a coordinated and unified system. Utilise our expertise in both HubSpot native and bespoke integrations. Our integrations are built simple, reliable and always ready for further development.


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Transfer your data from one system, storage, or format to another. Data migrations are critical and require experience: our migrations are well-planned and documented with validation, standardisation and compliance regulation included.


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HubSpot App Ecosystem

Extend your HubSpot platform features with additional tools and integrations. Use our expertise to choose and connect the right  third-party applications and integrations. Over 5000+ native integrations from Teams to Zapier and more.


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Data Cleansing

Customer data is in our DNA. Hence we know, that the customer data is never as good and extensive as you would like it to be. Leverage your business even with partial data. Build the processes and practices to ensure your data quality starts to improve one step at a time.

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HubSpot Licenses

Make the right license choices with the help of an  accredited HubSpot Partner. Every customer has different needs, and that's why experience counts when choosing your HubSpot package. Our mission is to make sure you choose exactly the right size and level of license.


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Our partner Oneflow provides a contract automation platform powered by AI, helping businesses achieve a fully automated contract process. Oneflow’s smarter contract handling is truly digital and integrates seamlessly with the HubSpot platform.


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Sell configurable products and complex services with HubSpot. DealHub is a top-rated CPQ and revenue platform that empowers your sales and finance with an end-to-end Quote-to-Revenue automation solution, helping to drive revenue processes forward at speed. 


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Meteor Framework Customer Portals

Our bespoke, tailor-made custom portal solutions are built on the Meteor full-stack framework. Benefit from less complex web application development, clarity of portal design and high-quality user experience.


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Shopify e-Commerce 

Utilise Shopify's robust and flexible solution for e-commerce. Suitable for a variety of business sizes and industries, Shopify is user-friendly, making it accessible to users with varying levels of technical expertise.


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Give your B2B customers a frictionless buying experience as they configure their product, get a quote, and check out right from your website. HeadQ makes Digital Commerce easy and creates a self-serve buying process designed for your complex products. Quick setup!

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Revenue Operations (RevOps)

Break down organisational silos, improve processes, and enhance information flow to ensure consistent revenue generation and growth. Our strategic RevOps approach aligns your client facing functions and provenly impacts business performance, enabling you to build the most efficient route from prospect to advocate. 


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Business Technology, Operations & Development

Make the most of your market tech stack investments with our ongoing marketing/sales/business technology operations. We help you to operate & develop your marketing automation programs, technologies and ways of working with digital business platforms.


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Resources as a Service

Utilise our experienced and certified consultants as a part of your team in important roles with fractional, full-time or interim allocations. Think about an appointed marketing technology strategist, HubSpot main user, marketing production support team…


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HubSpot Partner Support

Make the magic happen and keep your organisation on course with the help of Hubit's continuous support team. Whether your need is for support, developer work, further training or strategic consultuing, our Partner Support will make a difference. Always tailored to individual needs.


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Tech Support 

Smarter tech stacks are as simple as possible. But sometimes even smarter entities require a loving, guiding hand. Our technology support services help to ensure that things run smoothly and, should unexpected situations arise, we’re there to help solve them ASAP.

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Content & SEO 

Engage your target audience with a focused brand story, utilise data-driven content to support context and thought leadership and drive both top-of-mind and lead generation to support sales and the bottom line. Hubit provides the know-how and resources to manage your marketing efforts from design to planning, content and execution. With HubSpot and its AI-powered platform, we’re a part of your winning team.


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SEM & Digital Advertising

Gain visibility, grow traffic and generate the high-fit leads. Build, manage and scale paid advertising to increase paid spend ROI, optimise quality conversions and grow sales. Align media investments with campaigns to understand ROI and attribution.



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